Universal Language Of Skateboarding Essay

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The Universal Language of Skateboarding There is much more to skateboarding than a deck wood attached to wheels. I am skateboarder, and I have been since I was eight years old. I am so glad I became one too. Being a skateboarder in this era is such a great thing. I could go anywhere in the world and have something in common with somebody I don’t even know. It doesn’t matter where he or she is from, we skateboarders can still communicate. A Backside-Heelflip is a Backside-Heelflip no matter where in the world. Skateboarding is a universal language. Just like other languages skateboarding takes practice to learn. English has many different styles and languages as does skateboarding. Like other sports skateboarders have developed jargon as well. Skateboarding is a universal language. Skateboarding started here in California in the forty’s but it has spread all over the world overtime. People all over the world now skateboard. Skateboarding has become a lifestyle for some people; others like me use it as a way for recreation. In some cases skateboarding can be used as a way to communicate. I went on a cruise to Mexico a few summers ago and I brought my skateboard along with me. I met a group of boys around my age that also skateboarded. These boys only spoke Spanish and my Spanish isn’t very great but we were able to break the language barrier between us with skateboarding. It seemed to me as if the only English they knew were words of the skateboard jargon. We played a game called “Skate” which is a game where we exchange tricks on a skateboard. Although these kids didn’t know that many tricks, we still had a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter: if someone is a boy or girl, tall or short, black, white, or even blue we can all skate. Skateboarding is a universal language. I moved a lot as a kid. Skateboarding has always been with me in all my

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