Universal Healthcare: A Case Against Universal Health Care

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A Case Against Universal Healthcare Alice Felton MHA 620 Health Policies Analyses Dr. Kimberly Dixon-Lawson July 23, 2012 A Case for Universal Healthcare Universal Healthcare has become a popular topic again ever since the Obama Administration made this a top priority of creating affordable healthcare for all Americans. This health plan was named the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010. This bill has thousands of pages and some say it is almost impossible for this Administration to expect others to be able to take the time to read it. While each and every American probably agree that our healthcare system needs a complete overhaul, not everyone agrees that a Universal healthcare plan…show more content…
Here are some possible solutions to help with the uninsured. Even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 suppose to expand private and public insurance which will be a monumental undertaking there will be at least 23 million Americans who will still be uninsured or 8% of the population who are not elderly. Some believe that better safety-programs for the uninsured will be better under Universal Coverage. Two safety-net are traditional safety-net providers, such as public hospitals that are connected with a medical school and medical community health centers. These traditional models usually occur in major metropolitan areas. The second model uses providers within the community. No matter which model that could be implemented the uninsured persons would be screened to see if they were eligible and given a membership card that would be good for at least 6 to 12 months and given a primary-care medical home. Some of the safety-net programs usually provide care that is basically free and others may use a sliding scale fee based on the patient's income. After Health Insurance Reform takes place, the safety-net programs must be able to adapt to the population that remains uninsured. (Hall,…show more content…
The United States was until 2010 passage of the AFA, the only industrialized nation that did not guarantee its citizens to the right of basic health care insurance. Here are some positives arguments for Universal health care coverage or the Affordable Care Act. The ACA will build Exchanges or a free market system that will lessen the burden of a person's ability to buy health insurance. Universal coverage will lead to an improved health status of the people of the United States at below or equal to whatever the current cost is. Universal coverage will lead to a lower cost per visit to the doctor's office as the emergency rooms will be used less. Also, Universal coverage will help lower administrative burden while eliminating the billing for paper work that is unnecessary. (Grumbach,

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