Universal Healthcare Essay

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Adam Currier Adam 1 David White The Constitution 8/6//2014 Universal Healthcare Healthcare, a lot of people here in the United States claim that we have the best in the world. We benefit from the most up to date medical technologies, medications, and services. People come from all over of the world to take advantage of our top notch physicians and facilities. But is this true, and if it is, what is the cost that we all pay for it? The average annual cost per US resident is $7,681; which comprises 16.2% of our gross domestic product. These costs rank us among the highest of industrialized nations (Hohman, 2006). Does this high expenditure equate to better outcomes? According to the National Scorecard on US Health System Performance (2008), the US received a 65 out of 100 possible points. Compared with 19 other industrialized nations, the US came in last place in preventable mortality; Preventable mortality means just that, deaths that could have been prevented with “timely and effective care” (The Commonwealth Fund on a High Performance Health System, 2008). In 2000, the World Health Organization performed their first ever comparison of the health systems of the world; They reviewed 191 different countries and ranked them on numerous parameters, the United States ranked 37th for overall health system performance (WHO, 2000). Is our healthcare system is truly this deserving of this ranking, or is it that the system is only excellent for those patients who can actually afford it? An amendment to provide a universal healthcare system would not only provide healthcare for all, it could also decrease our healthcare spending and potentially produce better health outcomes.I propose that, high quality and less expensive healthcare can be achieved with universal healthcare, via an amendment to the US Constitution. In fact, the United States is the only industrialized

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