Universal Health Care - Right Or Privilege Essay

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Is Universal Health Care a right or a privilege? What are your thoughts on this topic? Substantiate your answer. Open honest debate, no right or wrong answers as this is an opinion topic. Rules of engagement: It is okay to disagree but disagree with the policy. Do not attack the person and no name calling. This is an important issue of our time. You should seriously consider where you stand on this issue. This is a great forum to engage in discussion and learn more about the issue. Everyone should post their opinion and respond to at least two other posts. Well, I've thought long and hard about this one...had to do some research because I really wasn't sure what I believed. But it's a question I've often pondered as I've heard it in the news before. So I'm glad I had to make the time to research it because now I know the answer, for me anyways. When I first heard this question a couple years ago, I immediately thought it was a privilege, definitely not a right. I still don't think it's a "right" per se, but I don't think it's a "privilege" either. Why does it have to be either one? I’m a capitalist who believes in the free-market business model and who thinks that “health care” is a service provided by health care practitioners and a commodity purchased by consumers/patients. As far as the “universal” part goes, I’m fine with universal health care, health care for everyone I say! But I don’t think it should be government funded. In researching it, I've found that keeping health care costs low just boils down to simple economics and keeping the government out of it. (Everyone should read the following article if you haven't already and if you really want to learn about the implications of government-funded universal health care - http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2007-winter/moral-vs-universal-health-care.asp - it's very informative

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