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Universal Health Care Essay

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  • on April 5, 2008
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Kate Smith
Exploratory Paper
Mr. Palsgaard
English 3
March 31, 2008

Is Germany’s Health Care System Working?

[1] Germany’s healthcare system uses a multipayer system that is very much like health care program used in the United States.   But unlike the United States, Germany also provides universal healthcare to all German citizens.   German’s have the option of either using the government provided   health programs or to obtain their own private health care insurance.   The government provided universal healthcare also know as “sickness funds”   which pay the doctors as well as hospitals certain rates that are under negotiation annually (Universal Health Care Systems).   This program is funded by employers and employee’s by removing a mandated fee for payroll checks.   Participants in the sickness funds’ programs have to pay a small co-pay for doctor visits and medications as well.   Despite the assurance that they are covered medically in case anything shall happen to them, Germans are not happy with the current health care system.

[2]   Providing quality health care for all of Germany’s citizens has always been a priority in Germany.   This was proven in 1883, when Germany became the first country in the world to mandate health insurance (DiPiero, 31).   Germany believes that everyone should   be able to share the same health insurance despite social status.  

[3]   Germany’s health care system does have its plus side.   In a recent study done by the World Health Organization’s statistics stated that   “Germany has around 358 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, well ahead of the US, with 279 and Canada, with 229.” (German Health System).   Those for the current multipayer system say that the wait time is not as bad as it could be.   In 2000 another report was taken by the World Health Organization that showed that Germany was ranked 25th out of 191 countries.   This study was based on the cost effectiveness.   The US came in 37th   and Canada came in at 30th (...

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