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Universal Health Care Essay

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Below is an essay on "Universal Health Care" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

One of the most debatable topics headlining the upcoming 2008 presidential elections is the proposal for a "universal health care coverage" in the U.S. In fact presidential candidates from both parties pledge to repair the nation’s health care problem. Already a controversial race with the leading democratic candidates being Senator Hilary Clinton (a woman) and Senator Barack Obama (an African American man) this one might go down as a first in history. None the less, the debating arguments for the health care proposals for both Clinton and Obama, stating their plans and ideas, as well as their views on each others proposal is intensifying with every speech.
As I sat in my living room watching the presidential candidates debate on their proposals for a health care coverage plan. I ask myself and wondered, did they ever thought about why there are so many people in America without the aid of health insurance? I found that “Health care cost are far higher in the united states than any other advanced nation, whether measured in total dollars spent, as a percentage of the economy, or on a per capita basis” [2]. In fact, health care costs have been on the rise for decades. This is a very sensitive topic to push for, since so many people depend on medical treatment for their survival. It does not seem fair for low income families to have to bear with the pain staking struggle to send their children for a routine medical check-up. However, as I kept on watching, more and more information was established to as how a nation that has 44.8 million people without health insurance is willing to change that.
For the most part, the republican candidates are focusing on expanding the coverage without the dependability of the federal government. As for the leading democrats, they seem to be “competing among themselves over who has the better plan to control costs and approach universal coverage” [4]. Illinois senator Barack Obama stated in his speech at the University of Iowa...

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