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Universal Health Care Essay

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Universal Health Care in America
The benefits of universal health care (also called socialized medicine) have been debated for many decades. Other industrialized nations are very successful with this type of health care, but the United States government finds it risky and too difficult to handle. Although the expenses for universal health care may have to be paid with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas controlled by the government (i.e. defense, education, etc.), universal health care is necessary for many reasons, including the option of developing a centralized national database which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors.  
Universal health care is a system that allows the government to give coverage to the entire population. It is extended to all residents without financial barriers. Most countries that implement this type of health care are aiming to extend health care coverage to as many citizens as possible. Unlike the United States, most wealthy, industrialized countries, have a universal health care system, with the most successful being Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (Watkin 6). Universal health care allows patients to find health care even when they cannot afford it. Private insurance is very rare in countries with universal coverage, and is mostly used for services not always covered by the government, like cosmetic surgery, and special comforts like private rooms. The cost for prescriptions in these countries are usually non-existent or reduced, which allows for most patients to get the necessary medication. Universal health care allows for each citizen to get the coverage they need, which in many countries, is considered a right, not a privilege.  
Each country that has a system of universal health care gives different benefits to its citizens. The National Health Service, which was established by the United Kingdom in 1948, is considered the “first universal health care system provided by a government”...

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