Universal Banking Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENT  INTRODUCTION  ADVANTAGES OF UNIVERSAL BANKING  DISADVANTAGES OF UNIVERSAL BANKING  TYPES OF UNIVERSAL BANKS AND THEIR OBJECTIVES  FACTS ABOUT UNIVERSAL BANKING  THE FUTURE TREND OF UNIVERSAL BANKING IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES  ABOLITION OF UNIVERSAL BANKING  CONCLUSION  REFFERENCES INTRODUCTION Universal banking is a financial term used to describe a bank that provides a wider variety of services as compared to a commercial bank popular in Europe, universal banking cannot only manage personal account for customer but also underwrite corporate dealings, provide investment services and act as a stockbroker, sometimes called financial supermarkets, Universal banks have many supporters and fervent detractors throughout the financial world. In some regions, stock brokering and investment services have been separated from the business of savings and loan operations. In Germany and Switzerland, for instance, banks have almost has offered universal services under one roof. Other countries such as the United States have generally preferred to separate investment services from regular banking, although the once strong lines became quite blurring in the latest 20th and early 21st century as many banking contagion erates began to offer wider varieties of services. Although the concept has existed in mainland Europe for century, universal banking has recently seen an upswing as a result of the financial crisis of 2008 in which many African financial institution farted in the way of recession. To survive the disaster, many investment and commercial banking groups merged, forming universal banks. These merges did manage to keep several major financial institutions at float, though some suggested that the joining ignore the legal distinction between commercial and investment banks

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