Unity And Diversity Essay

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Joshua Foreman Dr. Morris American History 17 February 2012 Unity and Diversity Throughout American history, there has been both unifying and diversifying experiences. Whether critics may like the outcomes or not, all the circumstances that have occurred throughout the history of American exploration and expansion led up to the birth of the most powerful nation in the world. There were many wars that occurred during this time period due to both competitions for receiving land in North America and running the Native Americans out of North America. However, during these conflicting times, there were still some unifying occurrences, such as the Europeans forming alliances with some Native American tribes and resolution of which country should receive the land. Due to the fact that there was so much competition involved in the discovery and exploration of North America, much diversity and conflict was required in order to resolve which country should have the rights to land expansion in North America. There were a few countries that which were interested in expanding land in North America. These countries include: England, Spain, and France, all of which had to wage war against one another in order to resolve which of these countries should be able to expand land. Obviously, the English where victorious (the English had the most powerful army during this time in history) in the series of wars (French/Spanish/English War and the French and Spanish verses English War). The most important war for land exploration in North America was the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Year’s War, because an American identity emerged from the outcome of it. Before the French and Indian War began, colonists did not have an idea of unity; in fact, there were many religious differences between the northern and southern colonies. However, by the end of the French and
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