United We Strive Divided We Falter Analysis

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Student columnist Jeff Dickson, in his article “United We Strive, Divided We Falter”, states that there are countless goals Americans could achieve together, but due to the lack of unity between Americans they go unreached. The author believes that Americans are at their best when they set aside their petty differences, and work together to accomplish a common goal. The usage of straightforward diction, easy writing style, and examples previous and current influences on American unity, helped Dickson to explain his claim effectively. The essays fluid tone is attributed to Dickson’s useful blend of facts and diverse sentence structures. The topic of the essay is something Dickson’s readers, students of the University of Washington, can relate…show more content…
He believes that if Americans can stop focusing on the small differences they have, then they can see that they actually have a lot more in common with each other. In doing so, Dickson makes sure to let his reader know that he does not desire them completely ignore the differences of American people, “But as a nation of immigrants, it’s our collective talents and diversity that make us great” (Dickson 311). The author understands that the differences of American people are what make the country great as a whole, but he says that in order for it to work we must remember that we are all should work together as Americans. In the article Dickson varies his use of sentence structure but he never let a sentence run on to long which helps to make the article flow a lot smoother. In realizing that he did not want to bore the reader, and risk not getting his message across he kept the language simple, but wanting his essay to sound uneducated he didn’t over simplify his use of language. Dickson’s grammar was also kept very concise and I believe it added to the tone of the essay. Overall, the essay was a very short piece, but he supported his claim very effectively in a small amount of

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