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UNITED WAY MISSION STATEMENT: To strengthen our community through leadership in mobilizing resources to meet human care needs in Champaign County. SERVICES OFFERED: Helped build new building for Frances Nelson Health Center, helps prepare children for kindergarten, support Champaign County’s alleviate hunger initiative, host soup kitchens, help rally volunteers for different events, help raise money to donate to different events, and many more. LINKS TO AGENCY: United Way has a website people can go to: www.uwayhelps.org They are located at 404 West Church Champaign, IL and their phone number is 217-352-5151. United Way is out in the community at events to raise awareness about the need for volunteers and donations. SUMMARY: I went to the building on Church St.…show more content…
Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. SERVICES OFFERED: Salvation Army of Champaign has a food pantry, clothing/housewares thrift store that low income families can receive vouchers for, prescription assistance, water assistance-will match your water bill up to $50 a month, offer bus tokens, have a program called warm neighbors with Amren IP and will pay up to $500 on a power bill, have a mens shelter that houses up to 60 men-at the shelter they offer life skills programs and transition housing (4) to parent(s) who have children, and you can stay for 2 years and you pay 10% of your income towards rent. LINKS TO AGENCY: You can visit the website: www.salvationarmy.org , first call for help refers people, salvation army works closely with many churches, but how most people know about the Salvation Army is by word of mouth. It has been in Champaign County for over 100

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