United States War with Mexico Essay

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At this time in history in 1846, when the United States was trying to make calculated decisions on the prospect of war with Mexico, many people had become consumed with the idea of “Manifest Destiny.” This was a philosophy coined by John O’Sullivan; a newspaper editor in New York in 1845, which was, quite simply, that America was predestined to take over whatever land they saw that they wanted. It was believed by many that this was actually something that was ordained by God and they were determined to see it happen. It was this idea that had permeated society that fueled the government’s fire for attacking Mexico and further expansion West. Even for those citizens who did not completely agree with the prospect of war, they were somehow mesmerized by “Manifest Destiny.” It gave Americans something to believe in and an ideal to obtain in a time of unknown and uncertainty. President Polk used this to his advantage in trying to procure more and more land. His greed was evident in his campaigning and he would stop at nothing to see his promises fulfilled even if was in bad decisions that would provoke military conflict and the deaths of many innocent people. For nearly twenty years leading up to the Mexican American War, the United States had been pressuring Mexico to sell Texas, California and other parts of the Southwest. Each time, Mexico would refuse, it would cause more discord between the two countries. Finally in 1845, when the United States invited Texas to join the Union, Mexico completely cut off all diplomatic relations with America. President Polk was irritated at the fact that Mexico would not budge, and he sent US troops to Corpus Christi, Texas, further angering Mexico. He continued to press and tried making an offer through the American emissary, John Slidell, to pay for Upper California, New Mexico and a section of land between the Nueces and Rio Grande
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