United States Federal Deficit Essay

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To ensure or drastically decrease the debt of the United States many possibilities arise; such as, increasing taxes, budget cuts, increase foreign trade and the cost, and finally reducing the millions of dollars funding the military. These alternatives will help pull the United States out of the recession state it is now in and not let the country fall into this deficit again. The rising of taxes to most social classes will cause chaos but the citizens of this country must learn to understand that in order to move forward many sacrifices must be made. The educational system has been impacted the most with the budget cuts making it much harder for students to attend a four year college after high school. The reason for this revolves around the massive funding to the military taking away from middle school electives as well as high school programs. Instead of reaching into and grabbing the limited amount of money in the educational system, the military should be brought back home and not off in another country’s territory. This only takes away from the deficit the United States because the money is being used overseas and not towards the government. A major factor that can and will help the United States is by advancing technologically to surpass the world leaders like China, Russia, and Japan before the Tsunami. These three countries are financially stable because they have improved in many technological aspects; therefore spend the surplus of money into the educational system because they value intelligence much more than the United Sates. The United States is the only super power with more than 40 million dollars funding the military and not the citizens. At this point there is no need for the U. S military to take up another country when there is no threat. Once the troops are home more money can be used domestically for the people’s needs to help

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