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United States And England Within The Industrialization Essay

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  • on March 4, 2008
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From the 18th century begins in Europe a process of economic change called the industrial revolution. This change will produce the disappearance of the traditional society based on the rural thing and controlled by the nobility and the appearance of the modern society, based on the industry and on the control of another social class, the middle class. It is the origin of our current society.

The origin was in England at middle of the 18th century, where for the first time they start using new sources of energy and new machines, which produce a great improvement in the industrial productivity. It was the beginning of industrialization. Before 1860 United States was showing an evident economy divided in three productive zones: the industrial north-east, the south slave holder and cotton grower and the half west supplier of nourishing resources. Nevertheless, the end of the Civil war supposed an important modification of this economic dynamics, not only for the pattern suffered by the economy of southern plantations, but also for using as hinge among the industry dedicated to the consumer goods; that had been till then the hegemonic industry and the industry of capital goods. This way, the fundamental bases of the American industrialization, which belonged lightly different from the Europeans, stem from three fundamental props: On one hand, one existed powerful agriculture favored by the abundance of land and the conquest of the west, as well as a precocious mechanization that had become necessary by the lack of workforce. This is, certainly, the explanatory aspect of major importance of the industrialization American process. The agriculture of the United States had been organized by the pioneers, who far from being peasants to the use, were farmers or peasants who organized their farms as if they were treating each other about agricultural companies, about massive production and with a high mechanization. About the year 1870, approximately 70.000 mechanical...

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