United States Constitution Essay

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1. The United States Constitution’s ratification resulted from a political process that required compromise between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Many of the debates in government today continue to reflect the concerns of each perspective. (a) Compare the positions of Federalists and Anti-Federalists regarding the power of the national government. The Federalist led by Alexander Hamilton favored a strong central government. The Federalist were one of the first political parties in the United States along with the Anti-Federalist led by Thomas Jefferson. The Anti-Federalist favored a more decentralized weak government. The Federalist thought that people like themselves should be in charge of the government. The Federalist were more aggressive in the media, they produced the federalist papers which were newspaper articles to try to convince the people to support the ratification of the Constitution. The Anti-Federalist believed that if the government could be kept small and local then Americans could live happy and contented lives without getting involved in the unpleasant side of politics. (b) Describe two features of the original Constitution that have led to a growth in the power of the national government. Article 1, 2, and 3 of the Constitution that set up the three branch system of government. Article 1 set up the Legislative composed of the House and Senate, Article 2 set up the Executive composed of the President, Vice President and the Departments. Article 3 set up the Judicial composed of the federal courts and the Supreme Court. Checks and Balances, is another way that the constitution led to the growth of power in the national government. Checks and Balances is the way that each of the branches polices the others, checking any abuses and balancing the power of government. The purpose of this is prevent any branch from getting too
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