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United Nations: Latvia Essay

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  • on May 20, 2012
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Latvia is a country of Northern Europe. It's capital is Riga. The type of government Latvia has is parliamentary democracy, which means that the political power is held by an elected parliament representing the people. Latvia became a member of the United Nations September 17, 1991.
Latvia has a current conflict with Russia. The issue is that Russia cut oil exports through Latvia because of a dispute over the discrimination of the ethnic Russians in Latvia. The reason why that is an issue is because Latvia is extremley dependent on Russia for oil.
Some major alliances and treaties that Latvia has is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as "NATO." It was signed on April 4, 1949. This organization constitues a system of collective defence where it's members states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any party. The alliance includes 28 members in North America and also Europe. Another treaty signed by Latvia was the Baltic Entente. The objective of this agreement between Lithuania and also Estonia was that there was to be joint action in foreign policy and to also support eachother politically.
Latvia hasn't been involved in any wars within the last 50 years.
  Some controversial issues Latvia has been recently involved with is the developing of Holocaust education within Latvian schools.
Latvia maintains close ties with Estonia and Lithuania, as well as the UK and US. Latvia's struggle for independance was supported by the French Navy. The UK also gave development assistance to Latvia on the run up to the European Union membership and provided training for Latvia's military forces. UK and Latvia share a cooperative relationship.
The United States supported Latvia's membership in the NATO and EU. Also the two countries have cooperated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Latvia also receives assistance from the US to help improve its development in Afghanistan.
One of Latvia's enemies is Russia. Reason being because Latvia is...

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