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United Nations Essay

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  • on July 8, 2015
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Politics of Peacekeeping

Political Science GOV2304
Summer I
Word Count: 822

If one were to be asked what person comes to mind upon hearing the term “peace”, public figures such as Mohatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela would most likely be brought to mind. However, if one were to be asked what organization enters their thoughts, the answer would undoubtedly be immediate: The United Nations. Born from the ashes of the League of Nations, in the midst of the environment of the Second World War, the United Nations (UN) is one of the most influential international organizations in existence today. The organization consists of fifty delegates from around the world who conjoin in order to create the ultimate advocacy of one primary goal: global peace and development.
In international politics, the UN functions in the role of conflict intervention. According to Ivana Rajčić, “it has solved many international crisis and prevented larger catastrophes” and the UN Charter, especially Security Council resolutions, “make the constitution of the entire international community” (p. 1). By involving political leaders from different nations, intervention by the United Nations is considered “unbiased” and neutral in a sense, due to the fact that UN decisions as well as actions are not brought forth by one specific culture or state. Because of this, the UN doesn’t have to intervene based on specific beliefs of one’s country, or personal capital gain. Instead, the main focus rings simple and clear: Humanity. UN secretary-general Kofi Annan upon accepting the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize exemplifies this idea by explaining that “humanitarian interventions” are crucial during specific situations because “When states undermine the rule of law and violate the rights of individual citizens, they become a menace not only to their people, but also to their neighbors, and indeed the world” (Danziger, p. 119).
While efforts of the United Nations have seemed to yield...

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