United Health Case Study

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Health Organization Case Study – UnitedHealth Group Name: Jill Jones School: Nursing School NRS-451v Professor: Smartest Teacher Ever November 25, 2012 Health Organization Case Study UnitedHealth Group was established in 1977 by Richard Burke, under the passion and belief in incorporating superior medical practices and unmatched business management to provide outstanding patient care while improving their health and strengthening the health care system. By 1984, UnitedHealth Group had been versed in realignment of the organization to meet the demands of the population as it had already undergone two reorganizations from Charter Med (1974-1977) to UnitedHealth Corporation (1977-1984) to the present day UnitedHealth Group (1984-present). The health corporation has its headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota and through their mission of making affordable healthcare available to every person and helping them live healthier lives, it has become the largest single health carrier in United States ("Unitedhealth group," 2012) . The purpose of this case study paper is to explore the organizations readiness in accommodating the health care needs of the citizens in the next decade and their strategic plans in addressing the issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction. Readiness in Addressing the Health Care Needs of the Citizens in the Next Decade UnitedHealth Group works with the country’s largest network of healthcare providers which enables the consumers to make connections that matter, and maintaining consumer engagement. The corporation is also a leader in healthcare technology as it encompasses one of the largest collections of clinical data in the world which helps clinicians relay on advancing evidence based therapies, pharmaceutical products and medical innovations to aid the patient in the best way
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