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from the recession, so these will create future hurdles for Eurobrands to succeed as a European strategy. However, if launching Eurobrands, UC will be able to cut their product development and marketing costs by 10% to 15% over 3 years. It will also give UC to be a step ahead of their competition. By being the first one to introduce such an idea, it will give UC a strong market penetration if the idea turns out to be successful. This launch will also expand responsibilities of country managers as a lot of cross-country interaction will be required. This interaction will also bring UC employees much closer and make it a true European entity. My concern is the sample size of “the test market and consumer panel results” is too small . Consumer tastes in Europe are converging as market differences are eroding. Hence, it won’t be too unrealistic to assume that Healthy Berry Crunch will be well received across Europe. UC will have to change their organizational structure in order to support Eurobrands and this might lead to some friction within the company. Changing the existing structure at UC, which is a vertical structure with a long authorization channel. Eurobrands will require a very flexible management structure to adopt those countries. Lora has a very short time period to make her decision and after weighing the pros with the cons, it makes sense for Lora to show a green flag to HBC as the first Eurobrand. Therefore, she should authorize the launch of HBC as the Eurobrand. Q4. How might United Cereal implement your recommendations? What do you think of the Eurobrand Team proposal? How can you make the Team work? A4. UC should follow the implementation steps: 1) Summary the failure of the “frozen juice product launch”, which was called a “disaster” , remind all staff in the company. 2) Getting the support of CMs by convincing them that thei r

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