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Luz Garcia 04/17/14 Unit 5 lab 5.2 5.2.1 Why must a MAC address be unique for every NIC produced? What effect will it have on the network if two devices from two different manufacturers share the last 24 bits of their MAC addresses? Explain your answer. Use your textbook and the Internet to research your answer. The have to be compatable. The mac address must match the NIC. 5.2.2 What information about the network connection is given on the Support tab of the status window? It gives you the IP address, Submask, and default gate way. 5.2.3 What is the physical address (the MAC address) of the NIC (or network adapter) for this connection? 00-0c-29-a3-43-72 5.2.4 You can determine the manufacturer of your NIC using the first six characters of your MAC address. To do this, you must search the IEEE records database for the unique OUI. You can access the IEEE database at this address: http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/oui/public.html. On this page, you should locate the search box and enter the first three bytes of your MAC address separated by hyphens (such as “00-0C-44”), and then click the Search button. Who is the manufacturer for your NIC? What information is given about the manufacturer? You can see an example record returned from this site in Figure 5-5. VMware inc 5.2.5 You can view your IP address for a NIC (or network adapter) by double-clicking one of the available connections in the Network Connections window (accessible from the Control Panel) and selecting the Support tab, just as you did when you were finding your MAC address. This information is also given in the Details window where you found the MAC address. What is the IP address of your NIC or network adapter? What is the IP address listed for your default gateway? 5.2.6 Use your textbook and the Internet to determine the

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