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The term natural science refers to the search for “truth” about the natural world. Eventually, truth is defined by principles and laws that have evolved from explanations and measurements about the natural world. These two kinds can be reproduced through procedures that follow universal rules of scientific experimentation. The objective of science is to use explanations and measurements to distinguish the static and dynamic properties of objects, preferably in quantitative terms and to integrate these properties into principle and, finally, laws and theories that present a logical framework for understanding the world and our place in it. In this natural science, the mission of human medicine is the expedition for understanding one particular object, the human body, and its composition and role under all circumstances of health, illness and injury. This expedition has created models of human health and illness that are incredibly useful in preventing disease and disability, detecting and diagnosing illness and injury, and designing therapies to lessen pain and suffering and to recover the body to a state of wellness, or at least, structural and functional capacity. The achievement of these efforts depends on (a) our strength of understanding of the human body and (b) the ways to occur successfully in the progression of disease and the effect of injuries. The human body builds with an amazingly complex system. Getting data about its static and dynamic properties results in huge amounts of information. The question of hoe to acquire process and display vast quantities of information about the body is the major challenges to researchers and clinicians. Therefore, the presentation of information as images is the most efficient approach to addressing this challenge. Nowadays, Physicians increasingly rely as well on images to understand the human body and to

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