Unit V Activity

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Roy Fultz, Student ID 103332, Unit VII Scholarly Activity: 1. Avon went global because they felt that there was a slow growth in the United States market, because they felt that they had no market for cosmetics and toiletries. They needed to go global because it would mean they could take the sales that competitors and that is what makes the United States so successful in beauty markets and that is what makes the market so competitive. In the domestic area it will determine how sales will do for population of women that uses the cosmetics for certain ages and the Avon company uses a direct sale and this has proven to have its advantages by doing this Avon will allow them to pay for the space in all the stores. 2. Avon believed focusing on the untouched market of the United States would be difficult so they focused on the growth of the global operations outside of the United States because they felt that it would be very easy to rule and then they could come back to the United States and be able to gain and convince the United States that their products were the best on the markets today. 3. Avon would benefit from other countries because of their product would appeal to more customers for the disposal incomes that they have because in the past the populations in other countries would look at Avon’s cosmetics as a falling of secondary needs. Avon has employed more women for their company and that means they would have a large amount of time to schedule appointments with all of the representatives, because females will think differently when purchasing the products from other companies instead of Avon’s products. 4. Because of the pricing of Avon’s products the recession could be a good thing for Avon because of the pricing that Avon has on its products. In the United States customers would rather purchase Avon products since the value for money is
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