Unit Two Medical Law Bioethics

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Unit Two Assignment: MaKayla Smith- Assignment-Unit2 1. Define “standard of care.” How would appropriate “standard of care” be determined in this case? Standard of care is were the provider should follow a certain way of treatment depending on the patient, their illness, and clinical situation. (Standard of Care, 2012). I feel the appropriate standard of care for the case study would be for the doctor to perform the procedure. Since the patient is incoherent and can’t decide for herself. The wounds from falling must have been bad enough were it could have been too dangerous to wait for the kin to agree to care or the patient. In these situations I think it’s up to the medical staff mainly physician to decide what is appropriate care at the time. The patient had a severe head wound which needed attention right away. The patient’s clinical situation was that she was incoherent. For standard of care the physician had to choose to have more severe problems due to waiting or attend to it right away. They had to look at every little detail before they could choose the appropriate standard of care. 2. What is the difference between informed and implied consent? Was the consent in this case implied, informed, or neither? Explain your response. Informed consent is were the patient gets the treatment or procedure verbally stated to them. They then can verbally agree or disagree to it. Implied consent is were the patient would already know and would voluntarily do, for example rolling up their sleeve when a Phlebotomist walks in with tubes and a vaccinator. In emergency situations though they assumed implied consent. In this case since it was an emergency and patient was incoherent then it was implied consent. 3. Using the internet, research the Patient Care Partnership. Identify and explain three rights that the patient has according to the Patient Care
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