Unit Title: 501 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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In my job role as Deputy Manager I have to take into consideration our residents but their families, visitors, external healthcare professionals and other staff within the home. I ensure the communication needs of our residents are met by ensuring care plans are current, thoroughly reviewed and any changes are implemented and cascaded down to relevant staff members. In my position I use a lot of formal communication i.e. staff Supervisions, PDRs, team meetings, investigative interviews and handovers. I have to ensure that all important information is passed over in such a manner that I can evidence this has been done. In my role as Moving and Handling Trainer I have to communicate a large amount of information to staff whilst observing them to ensure they are following what has been taught. I liaise daily with my Home Manager either in person or via email. I also have daily contact with Head Office and have to implement all information sent to me in a timely manner. I organise all training within the home and have to ensure that staff are fully aware of courses they need to attend, when the courses are and when they have been confirmed on the course. I am able to do this by ‘advertising’ the course via posters and in the staff communication book, liaising with Head Office to book candidates via email and then notifying staff once confirmed. 1.1 Explain how you have supported effective communication within your own job role In my role I ensure that the residents preferred method of communication is being used at all times. A lot of our residents have reduced hearing and so I need to make sure that staff are addressing them in a suitable environment with limited distractions/interruptions. We also have several residents with a form of dementia which can make effective communication quite challenging, it is my responsibility to ensure that each residents care plan
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