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Unit 3 1) D 2) the whole of Nebraska was nothing but valleys, tableland and rolling praries 3) 12 lbs 4) Cpt. Egan 5) MIddletown 6) A 7) They both made stuff 8) his Barameters told him there would be fog 9) she had a reputation 10) He wouldve noticed the door opening 11) An autobiography is written by the person its about, a Biography is written by someone else 12) a tall tale is a story written by one person to give information about another 13) So they can get all the details correct 14) to make it more interesting 15) he was 6’ he used a nine lb hammer without getting tired 16) sell it 17) he probably wouldve tried some experiments 18) 19) left it there 20) Chuck Norris how he never ages Unit 4 Review 1) B 2) When Dee arrived home, she was described as wearing a dress down to the ground, wearing earrings that hung down to her shoulders and dangling bracelets. 3) Her mother is mortified. Elena's mother, as well as many of the families in the apartment building, love President Kennedy. They admire him so much that they have placed pictures of him on their walls and prayed to him. 4) Because he wouldve ran off 5) She was an enemy alien 6) C 7) He’s fond of him 8) 9) she made him wash hiis face 10) no because a mother has a special connection with her child 11) 1st: everyday use, american history,, unfinished message, 12) the celebrated, thank you ma’am 13) The celebrated 14) 15) 3rd, so we could see from an outsiders p.o.v 16) 17) I like Mrs. Jones best because she reminds me of Madea 18) In Langston Hughes "Thank You M'am'," he uses conflict and imagery to express the theme of giving and understanding by showing compassion. 19) 20) Thank you m’am because it could be made like a Madea movie Unit 5 1) D 2) June 27th 3) By stoning the person, who drew the paper with the black dot, in the winter 4) After Mr.

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