Unit Hsc 24

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HSC 24 1.1 Physical abuse is an act that causes another pain harm or injury via physical contact. Indicators of physical abuse are; multiple bruising, fractures, burns, bed sores, fear, depression, unexplained weight loss and assault whether intentional or reckless. Sexual abuse is forcing undesired sexual behaviour or acts upon another. A person suffering this kind of abuse would most likely have, loss of sleep, unexpected change in behaviour, bruising, soreness around the genetailia, torn stained or bloody underwear, a preoccupation with anything sexual, or even have an STD. Emotional/psychological abuse is subjecting another to behaviour that is detrimental to someone’s emotional sate such as intimidation or manipulation; it is basically any kind of abuse that is emotional in nature rather than physical. Possible signs of this are, fear, depression, confusion, loss of sleep or unexpected change in behaviour. Financial abuse is abuse involving money, such as stealing money from another person. A person suffering this kind of abuse would notice that their money is going missing or their possessions are. Signs of this are; unexplained withdrawals from the bank, unusual activities in bank accounts, unpaid bills, unexplained shortage of money, reluctance to provide basic items for themselves such as food and clothes, fraud and theft. Institutional abuse is abuse where the person is given no choice about their daily lives, for example if everyone had lunch a 12 but one resident wanted theirs at 1 and they were forced to have it at 12 that is institutional abuse. Signs of this are inflexible systems and routines, lack of consideration of dietary requirements, inappropriate ways of addressing people and a lack of adequate physical care. Self neglect is where a person doesn’t look after themselves such as washing themselves and feeding themselves. The signs of this
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