Unit Hsc 025

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Unit 4222-206 The role of health and social care worker (HSC 025) Understand working relationships in health and social care 1.1 A working relationship is different to a personal relationship because a working relationship is professional and has specific objectives and purposes and there are boundaries to follow. Other differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship are time limits, professional code of conduct to follow and employer’s policies and procedures to follow. You are only involved with someone in a working relationship because it helps achieve the outcome of the support plan and because it is your job, this is different to when you chose to be someone’s friend or when you are born into a family. 1.2 Different working relationships in health and social care settings are relationships with the people you support and relationships with your employers and colleagues. You have to build professional relationships with people you support to enable you to deliver the care required to each individual so you can get to know them and find out their likes and dislikes and routines they may have. You must make sure you do not over step the boundaries of the relationship for example visiting them out of working hours or inviting them to your own home. Some people you support may show an interest in your personal life but it is important to keep the answers you reply to their questions minimal, it is fine to share basic information but you must not share significant personal details about yourself. The other relationship of working is building relationships with staff members, team work takes time to work well, not everyone will share the same views on how tasks should be completed, and most teamwork relationships will depend on how well the team is managed. Supportive team working is a good term and can help towards a great team
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