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Unit cu2625 1.1- Mobility means the movement of individuals from a particular place or position to another whilst ensuring that their independence is maintained e.g. moving from a wheelchair to a bed or moving from one bed position to another. 1.2- Strokes, fractures and dislocations, muscle weakness or stiffness due to arthritis may make mobility more difficult. With strokes the person may not have good balance and partial paralysis on one side which can make the person more at risk of falling. A fracture of a bone may mean that it does not heal quickly or may become infected which can restrict movement of a person’s hand or leg for example which makes it difficult for moving around. Stiff, painful, swollen and inflamed joints are the result of arthritis and can restrict movement. 1.3- Reduced mobility can affect an individual’s well-being. Physically, reduced mobility can result in blood clots, stiffness of joints, swelling of feet and ankles, pressure sores these can be very painful for the individual. Emotionally, an individual may feel depressed, low in themselves and negative. Socially, reduced mobility could mean the reduction of friends and places to go and the dependence on others. 1.4- The benefits of maintaining and improving mobility include improved muscular strength and physical health fitness, greater independence as it becomes less necessary to rely on others for health and support needs, a better quality social life as there will be more opportunities to do different things and to take part in more activities with different people which will also mean a boost to their

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