Unit C: SAM Project 1a Tours Database

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Illustrated Access 2013 Unit C: SAM Project 1a Tours Database uSING fORMS Illustrated Access 2013 Unit C: SAM Project 1a Tours Database uSING fORMS PROJECT DESCRIPTION You work for an adventure tour company that operates recreational hiking, biking, and walking tours in Colorado. The company uses a database to track information about tour guides, tours, tour schedules, clients, and sales. You’ll update the database by editing a form that the company uses to display information about the guides for the different tours. Then you’ll create two new forms to use for data entry. GETTING STARTED * Download the following file from the SAM website: * IL_Access2013_UC_P1a_FirstLastName_1.accdb * Open…show more content…
All Rights Reserved. Open the Tour Schedule Form in Design View, and delete the Tours and Schedules label on the right side of the Form Header section. Change the Tour Schedule Form label in the Form Header section to read Tour and Schedule Form. In the Form Header section, at about the 5” mark on the horizontal ruler, insert the file support_IL_A13_UC_Trails.jpg, available for download from the SAM website. Select all ten labels in the Detail section of the Tour Schedule Form and right-align the text within the labels. Move the Cost label and text box to the right of the Overnight label and check box. Resize the Level text box to be as approximately the same width as the MinimumAge text box above it. Change the Tab Stop property for the TourID text box to No. Change the tab order for the Tour Schedule Form so that the Cost field follows the Overnight field. Add a new text box to the Detail section of the form, just below the Cost text box. Modify the new text box and associated label using the following options: d. Change the new label text to Tax. e. Enter the expression =[Cost]*0.1 in the text box. f. Switch to Layout View to move and resize the new Tax label and text box as shown in Figure

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