Unit 9 Support Complementary Therapies

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Health and Social Care Unit 9 Complementary Therapies This Unit introduces you to therapeutic techniques which can be used to support conventional therapies. It also enables you to make informed judgements about the value and effectiveness of different therapies. You will produce a report in the form of a guide to three different therapies. The guide will be aimed at a well-educated adult reader who has no detailed knowledge or expertise in conventional or complementary therapies. It should be clear, well presented, easy to understand, and it should present information and advice in an interesting way. Student Name: Teacher: How you will be assessed: The report The report should contain four…show more content…
| | Choosing Therapies Students are required to choose three therapies, at least two of which should preferably be from the list below. This allows students to choose one conventional therapy and two complementary therapies if they wish. A student might want to do this if the subject of the guide was treatment for a particular condition (such as osteoarthritis or depression) where conventional therapy and the two complementary therapies chosen are appropriate for this condition. Alternatively, the student might want to include two therapies from the list below and a third (possibly alternative) therapy. It is equally acceptable to choose all three therapies from the list below. It is also permissible for a student to select therapies designed for different conditions. Each student should ensure that their combination of three therapies is not shared by anyone else at the college. This means that their choice may include one or two therapies being studied by other candidates, but that the combination of three is…show more content…
| | |Examples of what conventional medicines could include. | | |The role of evidence-based medicine in creating treatments – this could include descriptions of clinical trials and placebos. | | |A definition of holistic health care. | | |A definition of complementary therapies. | | |An example of complementary therapies in practice. | | |A definition of alternative therapies. | | |An example of alternative therapies in practice. |

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