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D1 – Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix with respect to business and marketing objectives for a selected organisation Introduction In this report, I will evaluate and justify the use of appropriate promotional mix in relation to business and marketing objectives for a selected organisation - Tesco. The selected organisation I have chosen it ‘Tesco’, which is the campaign I have used in P1. Promotional mix The promotional mix is the techniques firms will use in order to be able to communicate their messages to their target market. There are six elements to promotional mix, which consists of; advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing and sponsorship. Tesco’s marketing…show more content…
They will regular have special offers on within stores around the country also. Tesco’s sales promotions are the Clubcard points and school tokens. The Clubcard points try to make shopping better for their customers. This type of promotional technique attracts the customer who is looking for discounts and other types of saving options. The school tokens are a good sales promotion because to get this sales promotion you have to buy products from the store to a certain price. This will not just be benefitting Tesco it will be benefitting the school, which you are giving the token, too whether that’s new computers, new sports equipment. These are two good ways to be able to offer customer the best value for money and another marketing objective in working directly with suppliers to make long-term business relationships based on strict quality and price…show more content…
With the Clubcard points there are rumours that say they would be looking into using their Clubcard data to send personalised recommendation in real time for their shoppers’ phone whilst there are shopping in store. This has all come about because Tesco has announced a pilot scheme in four of their stores offering a Wi-Fi service. It will be the first British supermarket to do so and if proves successful, they will look at it on a wider scale. The free Wi-Fi will enable shoppers to be able to check their Tesco Clubcard accounts and get e-vouchers. They will able be given the opportunity to compare prices, read product reviews and view brand offers on social media like Facebook. This give of service will allow Tesco’s customers to walk away satisfied with what they have purchased. This would fit into the objective Productivity improvements and new technology because they will be using a new technology scheme to be able to send these recommendations to their customer whist in store. They will also be using new technology by adding in the Wi-Fi system. If it proves a success this could be a major new addition for

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