Unit 9 Cosmology

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Unit 9: Cosmology Assignment DIRECTIONS: Answer all ten questions below. Each question is worth 1 point for a total of 10 for the assignment. Please save your answers in a WORD file with your first and last name “How to submit an assignment” handout to guide you in the process of submitting your completed work online. What is cosmology? How does cosmology differ from astronomy? Cosmetology studies the birth and the possible deaths of the universe where as astronomy studies the actual objects in the universe What is a galaxy? How are galaxies distributed in the universe? A galaxy is a collection of billions of stars and gasses being held together by gravity. Name the different types of galaxies and their distinguishing characteristics. Elliptical- are bright gallaxy that are shaped something like a football and are very bright . Spiral- the milky way is spiral and it as a center nucleus mass wit gass and dust spiraling around it and majority of galaxies are of this kind. Describe Hubble’s law. How did Hubble discover it? Hubble's LAW says that the universe is expanding and the further galaxies are traveling faster away then the closer galaxies. How does the abundance of light elements provide support for the big bang picture of the universe? It shows the first elements of our universe hydrogen helium and lithium was formed 3 minutes after the bis bang. Is the universe getting warmer or colder? Give evidence to support your answer. The universe is getting cooler. Every since the explosion from the big bang the universe has been cooling. After the big bang the universe was at its hottest. What are freezing, and why are they important? Freezing are changes in state dealing with the fabrics of the universe although it did not change from liquid to solid it was a drastic change due to cooling that’s refereed to as freezing. What is

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