Unit 9 Assignment Hn220

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Ebony Nelson Kaplan University Professor Jennifer Beatty HN220 – Prevention and Crisis Intervention I would start this session with get getting Adam to talk to me as stated in the A of the ABC get your client to open up and build trust (Kanel 2007). I might ask Adam how he is feeling? Does he understand the concerns his parents have that brought him here today? I would also assure Adam that everything that we talk about is confidential unless there is a dangerous situation or abuse. Adam may be reassured by signing the confidentiality contract, this might help Adam feel comfortable and open to talk to me. It is critical that I gain Adams trust. It can be a difficult task to gets teens to trust and be open with adults. I would let Adam know that there are other teens like him that come to me when they need someone to talk to. Teens are sometimes more comfortable speaking with someone other than their parents. By informing him to this fact it could help him ease the feeling about speaking with me. If Adam does not understand why his parents have brought him to speak to me, I would clarify for him that his change in behavior including grades, change of friends and lack of respect for the rules are a big concern for his parents and they are just very worried something is going on that he is not comfortable speaking with them about. I would overlook the crying at first because mention of it may put him in a defensive mode. A couple relaxing non-defensive questions I would ask are what subjects in school he’s taking and what is his favorite subject. I would then lead into asking about his friends, what they enjoy doing, and where they like to hang out. These non-evasive questions will help him to relax and not to feel judged. Having established a rapport and confidentiality agreement, we will be able to transition into B of the ABC model. B of the ABC model in

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