Unit 8: Semester Exam

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Unit 8 : Semester Exam - Semester Exam Time Remaining: Question 1. 1. You notice that your friend Robert has been feeling down lately and that his grades have been dropping. He has also joked with you a couple of times about suicide. You should: (Points : 2) carefully ask Robert if he is thinking about suicide. keep your thoughts about Robert to yourself. avoid mentioning suicide. try to make Robert feel better by telling him to "snap out of it. Question 2. 2. The grieving process involves several stages. Which of the following is not a stage of grieving? (Points : 2) Acceptance Denial and shock Anger Violence Question 3. 3. The mental health professional who…show more content…
9. Which world health agency works to provide nutritional and medical resources to third-world nations? (Points : 2) World Health Organization International Red Cross International Development Foundation NIDA Question 10. 10. What major health issue is associated with a diet high in fat? (Points : 2) High cholesterol Diabetes Lung disease Asthma Question 11. 11. Which statement is true about consumption of vegetables in your diet? (Points : 2) Dark green vegetables should be the largest part of your vegetable diet. Eliminate the starchy vegetables from your diet. Make sure you get a variety of vegetables in your diet. All vegetables should be cooked before consuming. Question 12. 12. What is the best way to be sure that you get the nutrients essential for good health? (Points : 2) Keep a daily journal of what you eat. Be sure to eat selections from all food groups daily. Eat a diet high in protein and fats. Eliminate carbohydrates from the diet. Question 13. 13. __________ is not essential to good nutrition. (Points : 2) A proper proportion of

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