Unit 8 Level 2 Human Lifespan and Development Essay

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What is the father's opinion of his and his family's self-concept ? Mr Kahn feels that he is a devoted Muslim who is being punished for not following his religion and culture the traditional way, by getting married to a non Pakistani woman. Although he has tried to encourage his family to practice his religion they are not fully committed to it. Most of his family member would to prefer to live the British way of life, Mr Kahn is not happy with his self-image and would prefer to be his ideal-self where he is has a traditional Muslim family. He love his wife but thinks that he is not accepted fully by the Pakistani community and that he is being judged by the community where he lives with his family. Mr Kahn has low self-esteem in some areas of his life, because of his eldest son who refused to get married, this made him feel disgraced and that he is being frown upon by the Pakistani community and the member if his mosque. Mr Kahn believes that he is the decision maker for his entire family, all decisions made should be done by him and should not be challenged or questioned, Mr Kahn's ideal family is different from his actual family. Being of mix heritage they have different opinions, they feel that they are not allowed to be a part of their mother's culture or beliefs. He feel that it is important that both the Pakistani and English community see him as a great and respectful man, because of his own up bringing back in Pakistan Mr Kahn feel that the life he has in Briton is not the life he is not in keeping with the values he was thought by his parents, while growing up in Pakistan. How does Mrs Kahn view her 25 years of marriage and raising her children Mrs Kahn feel that she is not appreciated as a wife she questions her ability as a mother and if worries if she has done her best to raise her children. She is often reminded of Mr Kahn's first

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