Unit 8 Ao1

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AO1- Describe three types of mental illness and their causes. Alzheimer; Alzheimer’s disease is a very common cause of dementia, the term dementia is used describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. During the stages of this disease, tangles and plaques develop in the structure of the brain this would eventually lead to the death of brain cells. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease would have a shortage of the important chemical in the brain and these chemicals are involved with the transmission of messages that are within the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is progressive this would mean that the disease would gradually worsen over a period of time the more parts of the brain are damaged as the disease progresses…show more content…
They would monitor the patient’s use of medication and to provide additional help towards the support to their family. Community Psychiatric Nurse work alongside with the hospital team. Within the community, their roles would be to coordinate the care of patients; liaising with patients, relatives and fellow professionals in the community treatment teams and attending regular meeting to also review each patients care plan and monitor them after doing this they would visiting patients in their home to monitor their behaviour and psychological needs at this stage they would identify if the patient is at risk harming themselves or others. The skills that a CPN requires is that they would need to be compassionate and empathetic because they need to gain the trust of the individual and the CPN attitude determines whether a good relationship is formed this would ensure that the individual would allow the CPN to carry out the necessary work to enable the individual to
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