Unit 7 Promote Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

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Unit 7: Person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care purely as care work is about people and every person is an individual. Therefore if there was a set guideline it may not work for everyone, so values must be person centred. Care Plans are very important in promoting person centred values. They enable the customer to have choice, the care provider should listen to them as they know themselves best, the care plan is theirs unless the capacity to understand is diminished and then advice must be sought from all other persons/agencies involved in the customers support plan. Another key point in promoting person centred values within a care plan is empowering the customer and knowing they are being listened to. The care provider must respect the customers choices and opinions and they must listen to what the customer wants the care plan must be personal to each customer. Using a care plan would contribute to working in a person centred way because it should be created by the client with the support of the care provider so that the customer has full control over their care, instead of the support plan being created by the care worker where the customer would feel like they have no control. Also, in addition with an individual’s care plan carers should aim to work in a person centred way, helping the customer to feel more in control and happy. I use person centred values in everyday working as I am a very empathic, accepting and compatible man. As seen previously in observation I have been able to work with a customer and others involved to find out their history, preferences, wishes and needs. I have been able to demonstrate ways in which I put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation. I also showed how I can adapt my actions and approaches in response to the customers changing needs. Informed consent
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