Unit 7 P2 and M1 Interrelation

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P2- illustrate the structure and function of the major body systems and how they interrelate. M1-Discuss for each system, how its structure helps it to carry out its functions. In this assignment I will be displaying a diagram of the two major body systems which are the Digestive System and the Respiratory system and I will be identifying the different parts to the system by labelling the name of the part. I will also discuss the how the structure helps carry out the function, as well as explaining the functions of the Digestive system and the Respiratory system. I will also be explaining how hey interrelate and connect. The purpose of the digestive system is to take in food and break it down. Through the process of digestion, large nutrient molecules are broken into smaller ones that your intestine absorbs into the blood. Cells then take up these nutrient molecules and use them to build new molecules and provide for their cellular energy needs. Cells can also store the molecules for other use. The purpose of the respiratory system takes in oxygen and moves that oxygen into the blood by allowing it to move across the lungs into the blood vessels. The circulatory system then carries oxygen to all the cells in the body and picks up carbon dioxide waste, which it returns to the lungs. Carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood into the lungs, and you exhale it into the atmosphere. The respiratory system and the Digestive System are interrelated because the body cells depend upon products of both the respiratory and digestive systems functions in order to maintain themselves. To produce energy, cells burn nutrient molecule fuel in oxygen. The digestive system provides the nutrient molecules, through the process of digestion, the respiratory systems provides oxygen. The two systems work together to give your cells the ingredients they need to produce energy, which they

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