Unit 7 Health and Social Care Level 3 P2 and M1 Essay

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Unit 7 P2 and M1 The Functionalist Approach Talcott parsons suggests for society to function efficiently its members need to be healthy. Talcott describes illness as a form of deviance and that ill members are performing a social role, a sick role. The right associated with the sick role were being exempt from school, college or work and meeting social and family obligations. Talcott also describes that the ill members are to be cared for by family members, he describes this as the key function of the family. The responsibilities of the sick role include things like the individual taking all the reasonable steps to get better and to resume normal living as soon as possible. It also says the we need to co-operate with medical professionals and in order for society to run smoothly the ill must be cared for, as they cannot work and in some cases they cannot even look after themselves. The Marxist Approach This approach suggests that the services that health and social care provide are there to serve the interest of the more powerful and dominant social classes. Marxists believe that doctors are seen more as agents who are there to get people back to work as soon as possible, therefore working in the interest of the employer and not the patient. High levels of illness are more common in areas of low social class, areas of high unemployment and environmental pollution. Lower life expectancy is also more common in areas of poverty. The government do not tackle these problem areas because of cost and also because the more advantaged would end up footing the bill which would place them at a disadvantage. Social classes will always show differences when related to health and ill health in society. The Feminist Approach This approach looks very strongly into the impact of social inequalities on women's health especially concerning child birth and contraception, this

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