Unit 7 Diary Log Essay

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Task 1: P7.1 Explain what you considered when organising the activities or experiences: Solid and liquid: When i did the cooking activity, it involves a group of 5 children who were aged 3-4 in a pre-school. i decide it would be beneficial to the children as early on in the day, the children were talking about birthday cakes so I thought it would be interested to show them how a birthday cake is make and how the mixture goes from a liquid-like mixture of self raising flour, eggs and butter to the birthday cakes that the children see in the supermarket or at parties which are classed as a solid mixture. We started off by putting all of the ingredients in a bowl and allowing the children to mix them together, once the mixture had turned into a liquid like consistence, I used the spatula to lift up the mixture and pour it back in the bowl, the children all stated how they would describe the mixture and I informed them that it was classed as a liquid. I then added the mixture into a baking tray and put it into the oven. Whilst i was doing that i explained to the children that before you turn an oven on they it would be cool and once to oven has been used that it would be very hot because it produces heat inside to cook the food, i also explained that because the cake would be very hot when i got it out the oven that i would have to wear gloves to make sure that i didn’t burn my hands, this was a major health and safety aspect that i had to make sure the children were aware of as without this knowledge many accidents could occur with the children trying to touch the cake with their bare hands. Once the cake had cooked i removed it from the oven and allowed the children to hover their hands over the cake whilst being closely supervised by myself and another member of staff so they would experience that the cake has become very hot in order to be able to cook. The next

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