Unit 7 Communication Test Paper

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CIS 512 question pool final questions 1. What are the three characteristics of sine waves that can be manipulated to represent data? (p 278) • Amplitude • Phase • Frequency 2. Why are waves important in communication?(p 279) Waves are important in communication for these reasons: • Wave travel , or propagate , through space, wires and fibers • Patterns can be encoded in wave Describe some options regarding light transmission in communication technology. Wireless transmission using light frequencies can occur in the infrared, visible, or ultraviolet light spectra. In theory, raw transmission rates can be much higher than for RF transmission because of higher transmission frequency and available bandwidth. As a practical matter, however, atmospheric interference creates major…show more content…
Describe the application layer of the TCP/IP model.(p344) Application layer roughly correspond to the OSI application and presentation layers and includes many protocols. 4. Describe the network interface layer in the TCP/IP model(p 344) Network interface layer roughly equivalent to the OSI data link layer. This layer connects internet protocol to underlying network protocols in the physical layer. 5. What are the call management functions that VoIP must perform VoIP must perform similar call management functions, including the following: • Establishing connections between VoIP end nodes on IP networks • Establishing connections between VoIP end nodes and PSTN and other phones • Performing protocol conversions as needed • Managing available network capacity to ensure quality of service 6. What does a programming language standard define? A programming language standard defines the following: • Language syntax and grammar • Machine behavior for each instruction or statement • Test programs with expected warnings, errors, and execution behavior 7. What are three of the factors that have caused Java’s popularity to far exceed most initial

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