Unit 7 Assignment 1: A Media Access Control Address

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Unit 7 Assignment Christopher Place Kaplan Online University Unit 7 Assignment Question 1 A Media Access Control Address (MAC Address) is also known as a physical address and is used on the media access control protocol sublayer and is assigned to routers ports to identify them to a physical address. The reason for the router having more than one MAC address is because it has two different ports assigned for different reasons and in this case it is for internet and LAN. An IP address is an address associated with every device on a network and a computer so that the internet knows where the web servers and mail servers can send their data to. The reason for the two different IP addresses on the router is because every router has two of them one is called the WAN interface or public IP address and the other is called LAN interface or private IP address. The WAN interface is the side that is connected to the internet which is why it is public and the LAN interface is the side that is connected to the network and that is why it is private. The range of addresses you should worry about are broken down into different classes labeled A to E. Class A is to, class B is to, class C is through, class D is to, and class E which is…show more content…
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