Unit 7 Essay

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Unit 7 1. Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health & social care work Person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care purely as care work is about people and every person is an individual. Therefore if there was a set guideline it may not work for everyone, so values must be person centred. 2. Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person-centred values Care Plans are very important in promoting person centred values. They enable the customer to have choice, the care provider should listen to them as they know themselves best, the care plan is theirs unless the capacity to understand is diminished and then advice must be sought from all other persons/agencies involved in the customers support plan. 3.1 Analyse factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent The term “consent capacity” describes an adult’s ability to understand information relevant to making an informed, voluntary decision. A wide variety of diseases, disorders, conditions, and injuries can affect a person’s ability to understand such information. Informed consent is a phrase often used in law to indicate that the consent a person gives meets certain minimum standards. In order to give informed consent, the individual concerned must have adequate reasoning faculties and be in possession of all relevant facts at the time consent is given. Impairments to reasoning and judgment which may make it impossible for someone to give informed consent include such factors as basic intellectual or emotional immaturity, high levels of stress such as severe mental illness, intoxication, severe sleep deprivation, Alzheimer's disease or being in a coma. 3.2 Establish consent for an activity or action Every adult must be presumed to have the mental capacity to consent or refuse treatment, unless they are:
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