Unit 679.3 Essay

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Unit CU679 CU679.3 1) Describe ways of verbally presenting information and ideas clearly In order to clearly present information verbally, it is advisable to use short uncomplicated sentences and speak slowly and clearly. It is also key to remember that different people respond to different types of verbal presentation. For example, some people prefer to be given notes for reference whereas some people may prefer to just listen etc. Before presenting verbal information it is important to make sure you have planned what you want to say and cut out any unnecessary information to make sure what you are saying is relevant and easily understood. 2) Explain ways of making contributions to discussions that help to move them forward In order for any contribution to help move a discussion forward, it must be relevant to the discussion. You must listen to what is being said and only put your point across if it is valid. Do not be afraid to disagree but do so politely; and the same applies if someone disagrees with you. Also, always be aware of body language, you must be open so as not to look confrontational. You do not wish to take over the discussion as everyone’s opinion is valid, and you can learn a lot from the views of others. 3) Describe methods of active listening Being a good listener is an important skill to have, as it is a major aspect of how we learn and progress. Ways that I can portray active listening are: • Not interrupting when someone is talking to me, that way the speaker knows they have your full attention. • Asking questions to further my knowledge of what is being said, it is then clear that I am interested. • Making notes of important points so I do not need to ask
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