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Unit 1 1.1 When observing a child or children there are several areas to look for development in and these can be split into two areas which are Prime areas, and Specific areas. The prime areas are considered the main areas of development from birth to the age of two. Personal, social and emotional development- this is where children are observed to see how they interact with others, developing relationships. Seeing how they obtain self-confidence and awareness. Then looking at how they manage their own feelings and behaviour in different situations. Physical Development- Looking at how children, move and learn to handle day to day activities such as a child catching a ball with his hands and throwing it back to another child. It looks at how a child develops awareness in health and self-care, for example when a child knows about healthy foods and keeping active. Communication and Language- A child’s ability to listen and pay attention to their teachers during activities, learning to understand instructions and information they may be given. And learning to speak and express themselves verbally such as a child telling someone that they are thirsty or need to go to the bathroom. Next we have what are considered to be the Specific areas, which have been developed to enhance and support the prime areas while mainly looking at children between the ages of two and five years of age. Literacy- Learning to write and read on their own, and learning to understand the sounds, shapes and letters that form words and sentences. Mathematics- Developing the ability to recognise numbers, then looking at shape space and measurements while being able to connect the names to shapes such as a triangle. In order to help in the development some nurseries have development songs to describe the shapes and their names to make it easier for a child to remember and recognise.

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