Unit 6 the Effectiveness of the Code of Practice Essay

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Unit 6 - Cultural Diversity in Health and Social Care Imani Harriet D2 – The effectiveness of the code of practice The Codes of Practice sets a clear benchmark. Building on the sound shared values of the profession and coupled with registration, they raise standards and increase public protection. They have been developed with the sole aim of promoting the best possible services. The Code of Practice forms part of the wider package of legislation, practice standards and employers' policies and procedures that social service workers must meet. Social service workers are responsible for making sure that their conduct does not fall below the standards set out and that no action or omission on their part harms the well being of service users. I believe that the code of practise is effective because without it, it would be easier for people to give out inequality and discrimination. The prevalence and contents of codes of conduct in the private sector show that their use to define an ethical environment or culture, and their effective implementation, must be as part of a learning process that requires inculcation, reinforcement and measurement. Consequently, the public sector must realise it cannot look solely to formal codes to revive and sustain public sector values. In health and social care settings it is important that code of practises are put in place and work. Clients, patients and other service users are to be respected, treated fairly and given equal opportunites. Also service workers should also be given the same amount of respect and equal value to ensure that it is being promoted between both people. When service workers do their job correctly and give out positive equality it is given back to the service workers. All service users are given the same amount of care and treatment as everyone else but are still

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