Unit 6 Research Paper "Computer Logic"

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NSA Devices Network-attached storage (NAS) is a dedicated hard disk storage device that is set up with its own network address and provides file-based data storage services to other devices on the network. (Rouse, 2013)A network-attached storage device is attached to a local area network and assigned an IP address, allowing both application programming and files to be served faster because they are not competing for processor resources. NAS devices are usually configured with a web browser and do not have a keyboard or display. (Rouse, 2013) The speed of a NAS device is typically one gigabit Ethernet connection but this can be changed to multiple gigabits by adding a pci-e network card. Again, the capacity range varies for some people have built 40 TB machines and some only have 2TB. With port replication and add-on hard drive controller cards there is hardly a limit on size. As far as fault tolerance, raid 50 is fairly stable if set up correctly, raid 10 is thought to be one of the best setups since more drives can fail at one time without data loss. NAS can be used for sharing files among multiple users / computers. It can also act as an external backup device if needed, thus by using a NAS you can easily get additional or extra storage for all your networked computers which can be quite cost effective in the long run and many NAS devices allow you to add additional space for more storage (Kumar) Now days there are so many different devices being used in our homes from all sorts of mobile devices to a range of gaming devices. These NAS devices are useful for the fact that they act as like a central storage center for pictures, documents, or files that can be streamed from these different devices making things a little less complicated as well as more cost
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