Unit 6 Research Paper 1 Network Attatched Storage

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Unit 6 Research Paper1: Network Attached Storage An NAS device is a dedicated hard disk storage device that is set up with its own network address and provides file-based data storage services to other devices on the network. There are many varieties of NAS devices, depending on if you build it yourself or purchase it. The speed is usually 1GB Ethernet connection but it can be changed to multiple GB, 10 GB, and fiber optic by adding a PCIe network card(s). The capacity range varies, with port replication and add on hardware drive controller cards there really isn’t a limit on size. A board that has six SATA ports can be replicated allowing for thirty drives to be attached. If set up correctly RAID 50 is fairly stable, RAID 10 has been outed as one of the best set ups because more drives can fail at one time without having data loss. Management features include: • Using SSL to protect the Web management interface. • Support of protocols such as SSH for encryption of RSYNC data transfers. • SMB’s with more than two dozen users will appreciate a proper management console from which users and permissions can be managed. • SMB’s that have deployed Active Directory will be looking for a NAS that supports it as well. Any user would have an advantage using an NAS device because it has the largest amount of storage and easily manageable features so even in a family setting everyone could use it without much

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