Unit 6: Human Lifespan Development

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P2: Definitions Growth: The development of growing for example an increase in body size. Development: The Improvement of your capability, skills and emotions. Positive influences Negative influences Socialisation Making new friends can help people learn ways of thinking in life. Things people see and hear within the media for example the style of clothing people wear. Socio-economic factors Family A happy family may provide a safe and caring environment for their children. Families can have low income which can cause stress within the family. Education Good basic skills can help support children with career needs. Adults may be unemployed as they do not have the basic skills they need. Environment In a good environment people would be able to play, explore and socialise safely. There may be suffering of poor housing and high rates of crime. Discrimination Growing up in a non-discriminatory environment. People who have disabilities and groups of people such as ethnic minorities can get discriminated against. Gender Men and women nowadays are treated equally. In the past women were not treated equally. They did not have the right to vote. Positive influences Negative influences Life Events Starting a new school May get better education. Having no friends which can make you feel lonely. Going in to hospital Getting lots of support and care. Having to go through the pain. Moving away from home New environment with different facilities and meeting new people. Leaving close friends behind & may be even family. Ageing Getting free transport within a country enabling them to do many things. Feeling that you are getting old and weak. Changing a job (employment) The environment and salary may be better. May
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