Unit 6 Historical Business Project

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Unit 6 Historical Business Project Creating a business is no easy task by any means. It takes time, people, research, discipline and most of all capital for a business to begin to take flight. In addition, a good manager or team of managersare needed to facilitate many of the grueling day to day operations which include, but not limited to; scheduling, payroll, advertisements, customer relations and production efficiency techniques. At the foundation of any business, there needs to be some kind of organizational structure. The following discussions will be based on creating a small portion of an excavation operations company or rock quarry, which, during the advent of the automobile, was a much needed service to help build roads, bridges…show more content…
The name of this entire operation which be referred to throughout this report is Rubble and Co. a Division of USA Limestone Corporation LLC. Established in 1910, Rubble and Co. is located in the northeastern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It operates on a 4000 acre segment of prime limestone property and employees 250 persons (41 people sometimes tending to one job, i.e. steam shovel operations)and rising. Rubble and Co. depends on various resources to run its operation efficiently. Below is a brief list of some of the important resources needed for the limestone excavation/mining process. Power House – electricity Rock Crusher Mill or Screen house Conveyor System for distribution Ship loading slip for output transport A Ship loading…show more content…
intends to serve. Due to the fact that there is more than one owner involved with operations of this company, a large number of employees working at the facility and across state line business; to name just a few, the structure of this business that will best work for this business will fall under the “Limited Liability Company (LLC)”. Operating under an LLC has itsadvantages such as providing liability protection for the company’s owners as there will be many other people using the property of this particular facility who are not directly related to internal operations of direct quarry employees i.e. ships and crews. As an LLC, these companies usually operate under the regulations of the Secretary of State (Nolo, 2009). Rubble and Co. a Division of USA Limestone Corporation LLC will also need to follow an array of environmental laws as it pertains to the mining and excavation operations as well as sanitation, oil disposal, water treatments and natural land and water protections. The working hours will be regulated to ensure safe working practices as mining and excavating is a tedious, tiring and dangerous job. In conclusion, operating a business in the mid early 1900’stook on some trying roles as many businesses were at the verge of collapse due to the economically depressed state. Organizational structure is a much

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